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Our shipping policy is quite simple. If we make a charge for shipping, we will show it on each product page. For the most part, it will be FREE SHIPPING and will be so indicated on the product description. If you reside in a location that normal shipping costs will be excessive, we would have to make a charge for shipping in that scenario. We would advise you of any shipping charge that we would have to add due to your location, or, to the size and needed protective packing of the product. We will do everything we can to protect your product during shipping.

Where we do have to make a charge, it will probably be either $13.00 flat charge for UPS shipping - or - $25.00 flat charge for FEX-EX shipping. These charges will be shown on the check-out page IF they apply and will be charged at check-out time.

Return shipping costs will be incurred by the buyer - unless there is damage to the product during shipping. Then the buyer must show the receipt of the product and the damage it incurred with a photo to send to us.