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There is not much to tell you about us. We are just a couple of married folks that love to see houses look and feel like HOMES!

We have enjoyed the unique look and a certain peace about a home with a fountain in it. Getting a permanent, stationary one installed into your home is extremely expensive for the average person, but getting a portable INDOOR FOUNTAIN to put in your home is not - and having been in many homes that are beautiful and very comfortable, but not overwhelmingly expensive, we see first hand how much a well placed fountain can do for the added beauty of the home.

So, we decided to start this website where anyone can come and see for themselves what is available and start to think about where one can go in their home. We hope to offer a nice selection of attractive fountains and hope you too, will see the pleasant addition an indoor fountain will make to your home - or - office!

Plus - we know how important it is to do business with an honest place of business that really cares for their customers. We like to be treated like we are important to the store in which we are spending our money - so - we will treat you the same way. You are important to us and we will treat you that way!