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Stone-Look Buddha and Lotus Lighted Tabletop Water Fountain

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If Buddhism is your religion, you definitely want this fountain in your home. But even if it isn't and you appreciate the gentle and calm thoughts that Buddha spoke, you can enjoy this fountain. This tabletop fountain sure looks like the Buddha was carved out of stone! But it wasn't. This serene meditating Buddha tabletop fountain is made from durable polyresin even though it has a stone-like appearance. When you turn on the glowing LED light, you will get a peaceful and calming display especially in a darkened room. The meditative water sounds and natural stone design provide a tranquil experience.


  • Weight = 2.8 pounds

  • Size = 10.25 X 10.25 X 11 inches tall

  • Construction = Polyresin with LED light

  • All Shipping and Handling costs are Included for shipping anywhere in the Continental US

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