Due to many requests we have had, we decided to add a collection of OUTDOOR FOUNTAINS and GARDEN FOUNTAINS to our website. Since we have been asked about having a supply of them for you to look at, we thought it would be a good idea to gather a selection of the Outdoor Fountain type and let you review them. We certainly wanted to include Outdoor Garden Fountains in our collection - as so many folks want to just do that - put a fountain in their garden. It is a great way to increase everyone's appreciation for the effort a homeowner puts forth in making their garden more beautiful and attractive.

We are starting to gather a nice selection for you to see and we will be adding to this collection as time proceeds. Please let us know if our products are the type you want to see and know that our process for giving you these to choose from is based on selecting quality products at reasonable costs as we do for all our fountains.