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HI: This is our Home Page and we are very glad to offer you some of the finest indoor and outdoor fountains for your home or office!

But, if you are new to Fountains which is the latest new craze in Home Décor, and do not have a good understanding of how they work and how safe they are, we thought it would be a good idea to spend a brief time explaining just how they work.

The are self-contained. They have a submersible pump that keeps the water circulating in the fountain. It goes from the collection area at the bottom of the fountain up to the highest point on the fountain where the water begins it's journey back down to the collection area at the bottom. Depending on the design of the fountain, it could be through or over several interceding smaller areas designed to be strategically placed to complement the water flow and the design of the fountain. Arriving at the lowest collection area, it recycles back to the top and the water flow just continues in a never-ending beautiful flow. They are designed to have the water flow, with just the right amount of water and configured so they do not leak or splash.

Be sure to look over our selection and choose the one you want.

Remember we have fountains here on the Home Page which we show as our Featured Fountains - AND - we have others located on the pages shown on our menu. If you just click on the menu pages which are located on the top, left side of the page, you will be taken to our complete selection of either "Tabletop Fountains" or "Free Standing Fountains" or "Wall Fountains" or "Adagio Water Features" or "Outdoor Fountains" to give you an even more complete selection!





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