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Adagio Wall Fountains

Adagio Wall Fountains are really impressive wall fountains and they have been around for a long time. Since 2001 - some 20 years ago, Adagio has been established as one of the most talented creators of all water fountains. Adagio also offers free-standing fountains as well. They call their fountains - "Water Features" and when you see what they offer for sale in the category of water fountains, you will see and agree that they should be called "Water Features'. 

They are handcrafted and made right here in America. They come with an impressive 1-year warranty. They are shipped quickly and they are shipped free to the United States AND Canada.

They offer a selection of surfaces and trim in their very well-made water features and have a powder-coated finish as well.

If you are looking for an imposing and beautiful water feature in your home or place of business, these are for you. Both wall-mounted and free-standing designs of Adagio Wall Fountains are available.

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