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We all know that fountains are beautiful and decorative. We all like to have them around for the way they look and the peace they seem to bring to any room they are in. But, did anyone think they actually might be healthy for us too?

Well, believe it or not, they are! Especially during the winter months when our homes are closed up tight to keep "Old-Man-Winter" out of the house and our heat bills from getting out of hand. It is when our homes can easily become very dry and the air we breathe does not contain the moisture content we should have for good health.

But, IF you have an indoor fountain in your home and have it running with the water flowing and cascading down across the fountain, it's is a big help in maintaining the correct moisture content we should be breathing.

If you have a free standing model or a wall fountain that has quite a bit of water flowing - or - if you have several tabletop models throughout your home that have less volume of water flowing on each one, you will increase the moisture content of the air in your home and - it will be healthier for you and the family!

I have examples of each type of fountain mentioned above for you to see. Note that these and many other models of the same types can be seen at Indoor Fountains and Outdoor Fountains. This website's address is: and I invite you to come and see the great variety we have for you.

As promised, here are a few examples of the indoor fountains I spoke about above - 


Free Standing Fountain

Wall Fountain

Tabletop Fountain

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