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If you haven't seen or heard about the greatest craze in home and office decor, let me tell you about it! It is impressive wall fountains! The Adagio Compay has produced a superior array of tremendous wall fountains that will impress your visitors greatly!

They offer a large variety of styles and sizes with colors and trim that will fit into almost any decor. They will make your home more beautiful than you think could happen and they will impress business visitors to an office location where the people coming into your office will think "success".

In this blog, I cannot show you their complete collection, but if you go to the link I will provide you can see all the ones they have to offer through you have to be pleased with the variety of sizes, colors, materials, and cost! Now I will show you a few of the models that are available and give you a picture and description of each one here in this blog. I know it will only whet your appetite, but a look at some of the available models is a great start. 


This indoor waterfall comes with several stone and trim options. Enjoy this water fountain with the sound of running water in your home or office. It attaches to your wall easily and comes with installation instructions. It is 50 inches high and 54 inches wide and is constructed only 6 inches deep - which allows it to hang perfectly on your home or office wall.

You will love the look and the sound of this water fountain. It will be the subject of many discussions when people are complementing you about your decor and how you are up-to-date with the latest decor fashion!



Here is another model from Adagio you may want to review for your purchase. There are so many different models to show you that it is difficult to pick out just a few, but I am trying to give you sort-of a cross section of the models. Don't forget, on the website, there are many, so be sure to come a take a look for yourself.


This Wall Mounted Fountain is aptly named " Cascade Springs" as the cascading water flow is a delight to see - and - hear! This indoor wall water feature is perfect for a home or small office. The vertical style make is versatile for almost any space. Comes with the edge either rounded (as pictured) or square.This wall fountain is also only 6 inches deep - so it hangs perfectly on your wall. It is 25 inches wide and 54 inches high wich allows it to fit in so many great places! OK, I am going to show you one more model just to point out the wide variety of models that are available to you at our website -


I chose this fountain to give you some idea of the variety of size that is available in a wall fountain designed b y Adagio. This three panel waterfall is an impressive water feature to see and to hear! It is 91 inches wide and 69 inches tall! Again, it is only 6 inches deep which lets the hanging against your wall be perfect. As with all the wall fountains from Adagio, this model comes with EZ install brackets that make set-up simple. And, it comes with complete installation instructions as well.

This fountain would welcome your guests to tranquility with the sight and sound of the water flowing and the individual choice you made as to its surface and trim colors.

It comes with a really 'neat' 3-way pull chain that controls just the lights or the water, both, or turn the waterfall off. (you will like this feature)

It has a uniquely designed water flow distribution system that prevents clogging and a simple power cord that plugs into the recepticle behind the unit.

If you have the space to hang this fountain in your home or office, you will be delighted to have something as impressive as this fountain! Get yours at:



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