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Majestic Lion Head Water Fountain

Majestic Lion Head Water Fountain

Lion fountains have been associated with affluent neighborhoods. These outdoor fountains are associated with prosperity, guardianship, and success in western culture. The sound of flowing water from the Lion Head Water Fountain is soothing, calming, and related to enhancing power and peace. Given its symbolic, decorative, and artistic, there are so many places you can place it, from accenting entranceways to backyards and patios. These fountains become especially majestic when they are free-standing centerpieces.

Regular cleaning and inspection are the keys to keeping your Lion Head Water Fountain majestic. Have a regular schedule where you inspect all electrical wires, pumps, motor tubing, and hoses. Regularly check for algae around the water areas. Some additives do a great job keeping mold and mildew at bay. Whenever you spot any algae, algaecides is an excellent product you can use to hamper their growth. At least every 4-6 weeks, do a thorough cleaning of your fountain. Thorough cleaning includes:

  • Emptying the water
  • Disconnecting all tubings and hoses
  • Clean all the tubing, hoses, and connections
  • Using a fountain cleaner, clean the interior of the fountain
  • Inspect all electrical parts before reassembling them

With this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to keep your lion head fountain as good as new.


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