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Healthy? Are you kidding? How can they be healthy?

Well, especially in the late fall and winter, when the house is shut up, your Indoor Fountain can really help keep you and the family more healthy!

The very presence of an additional water source in your home can increase the humidity. Dry skin, cracked lips, and even bloody noses can be more likely to occur when the humidity is low in your home. It is easy to add more humidity with an indoor fountain added to your decor. They add beauty as well and your friends and neighbors will be slightly jealous of the "just right" look you have added to your home that also aides in maintaining the right level of humidity.

Some health officials say that we should maintain somewhere between 40% to 60% humidity levels in our homes to be sure we are getting the best benefit from humidity. With our homes being heated mostly by 'hot air' systems, our in-house humidity can drop as low as 10%! Even with heating systems that are not 'hot-air', the added dry heat can destroy the humidity level.

When looking at the benefit of humidifiers, the Mayo Clinic has reported that increase in humidity can help sooth the dry skin, cracked lips, and bloody noses we spoke about above. An increase in the humidity in your home or office can help ease asthma symptoms and cold symptoms too. If you think about it, it stands to reason - the more dry air we breathe, the more our lungs and breathing passages will dry out.

However, be careful to NOT over-humidify your rooms. Humidifiers do put out very hot steam (some) and could promote the growth of bacteria or mold. Indoor fountains do not do this. They provide a safe, but needed additional source of water that will aide you in attaining and keeping the right level of humidity in your home and office. AND, they are beautiful too!

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