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Adding Unique Decor To Your Home or Office

If you are at all interested in adding the newest decor to your home or office, you have to consider adding a Wall Fountain. Wall Fountains have found their home in decorating and it is a special place indeed. Nothing grabs a visitor's attention like the amazing look of a wall fountain. They are an impressive addition to the decor of any room.

When it comes to the selection of "the" wall Fountain for you, consider those fountains made by Adagio Water Features. This company has been in the business of creating wall fountains for over 20 years! They are located in the United States and have produced thousands of high-quality, handcrafted water fountains.

These fountains are well-made and beautiful and bring peace and tranquility into your home or office. Adagio stands behind its products with a one-year warranty and offers free shipping to the Continental US and Canada.

They come in a broad variety of sizes, and finishes that will fit your needs. We are going to show you several models that reflect a variety of sizes, surfaces, and styles. You will have a much larger variety to choose from by looking at the choices which are available by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog.


Here are some small ones:

Whispering Creek Fountain -  22" Wide and 46" High.

Available in 9 different surfaces and 8 different trims.

Priced at $1,119.00 (surfaces like marble or slate cost $120.00 additional)


Another Small Fountain:

Reflection Creek Fountain - 38" Wide and 27" High

Available in 5 different surfaces and 6 different trims.

Priced at $1,119.00 (surfaces like marble or slate cost $120.00 additional)


Here are 2 Medium Ones:

Sunrise Springs Fountain - 52" Wide and 35" High

4 Surfaces Available and 3 trims.

Priced at $2,280.00 (surfaces like marble or slate cost $360.00 additional)


Inspiration Falls Fountain - 30" Wide and 69" High

Available in 3 different surfaces and 3 different trims

Priced at $2,280.00 (surfaces like marble or slate cost $360.00 additional)


Well, this is just a small sample of some small and medium wall fountains that is available for you. In addition to more small and medium-sized wall fountains, we have large ones as well. Look at the link provided here to get you to the complete selection of these marvelous wall fountains we have for you. Please come and enjoy.